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Why Bringing in a Fake Paystub Won’t Work

by Admin - Posted 3 weeks ago

Our business revolves around putting faith in our customers. When you buy a car from Cincinnati Auto Credit, we can’t predict the future and know for sure that you will make your payments on time. Many of our customers have problems with their credit, or perhaps no credit history at all for us to judge the likelihood that they will pay us back. But that’s why we’re here. Even when the other dealerships won’t do business with you, we’ll still give you a chance. That’s why it’s so sad when people come to us thinking they need to fake their income information for us to sell them a car.


While almost all the other dealerships will have you fill out forms that they run through a computer and let it decide whether or not you qualify for a vehicle loan, we’ve always taken a different approach. Before the walks through our car lots and vehicle test drives, we sit down with you to figure out your individual financial situation. We keep it real with you, and let you know what you can and can’t afford. But when a potential customer brings a fake or doctored pay stub to try and make it look like they can afford more than they actually can, this causes much more trouble for them than it’s worth. Let’s talk about why.


We’ve been doing this for over 30 years


After decades in business verifying customers’ work history almost every day, we’ve gotten pretty good at spotting fake documents. There are almost always telltale signs that we can spot right away- and they’re usually the same mistakes, so we know exactly what to look for. But even in the unlikely event that a fake paystub looks perfect, all the information on it is double verified. We call and speak with customers’ employers and landlords to make sure the information is true and accurate. On top of that, every application receives a credit check. This report tells us if and when that person has visited other dealerships or applied for other loans. If someone is trying to pull a scam, this report makes it very obvious.


It's just not worth it


There’s always going to be people that just want to cheat the system to try and get things for free. But there’s also those people who are in desperate need of a vehicle, and think they have to produce fake documents for us to approve them. Some recently lost a job and are trying to make it look like they still work there. Others are working part-time and trying to make themselves look like a full-time worker. The problem is, getting caught trying to pass a fake paystub to Cincinnati Auto Credit will make it so you can never use us again. And even if you’re successful in passing a fake paystub, it won’t help on your first payment date when the money is actually due.


Just because another dealership said you didn’t make enough money to buy from them, it’s not worth it to fake a paystub and come to Cincinnati Auto Credit. Come in to one of our dealerships, sit down and be straight with us, and we’ll figure out a way to make things work for you. We want you to be successful in the car you buy from us, both now and down the road. But if you fake a paystub, that goes away forever.


As always, we invite you to stop by either of our locations, and give us a chance to give you a chance!