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Three Tips for Safe Holiday Travel

by Admin - Posted 5 months ago

Hard to believe it, but the holidays are right around the corner. And with them comes the biggest travel season of the whole year. People cram the highways to visit friends and family. But as everyone knows, travel comes with some level of danger. Proper preparation for safe holiday travel could mean the difference between spending your holidays with loved ones, or in the nearest hospital.


In order to make sure everyone enjoys the upcoming season, we’ve put together these three tips for safe holiday travel.


1.     Make Sure Your Car is in Good Condition for a Road Trip


Following recommended maintenance practices all year long is the best way to take care of your car to keep it taking care of you. But before you load up and hit the road this year, make sure to fill up with gas and check your battery, tires and brakes to make sure they’re all functioning properly. And if you’re not sure how, visit your local mechanic for a quick checkup to make sure everything looks OK.


2.     Pack an Emergency Kit


If you followed our first tip, then chances are slim that you’ll find yourself broken down on the side of a lonely road with help miles away. But just to be safe, make sure you bring everything you need to wait comfortably until help arrives. This means bottles of water, nonperishable snacks, blankets and warm clothes, and a flashlight. A battery-powered phone charger is also a good idea to make sure you can communicate with roadside assistance and let your loved ones know that you’ll be a little late to dinner.


3.     Prepare Yourself for the Drive


If you’ll be the lucky driver on this road trip, be sure to be ready for the long haul. This means making sure that you’re fully rested and alert. Check the route and weather conditions in advance so you know what to expect along the way. When you’re driving, give your full attention to the road and don’t distract yourself with a cell phone unless it’s for navigation. Tell your family and/ or friends who are expecting you when you’ll be leaving, the route you’ll be taking, and when you should arrive. Lastly, buckle up, watch your speed and never drive impaired.


Up for the long trip, but your car isn’t? We can help


Sometimes, even with the right preparation, unexpected mechanical problems can threaten your holiday trip. But if this happens, we’ve got you covered. Our quick and easy process can get you approved and in a new-to-you car with plenty of time to keep your holiday plans. So if you find yourself in a sticky situation this holiday season, we hope you’ll stop by one of our locations today and give us a chance to give you a chance!