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The Judgment-Free Zone in Car Buying

by Admin - Posted 1 year ago

There are few feelings worse than taking a risk and putting yourself out there, only to be criticized and turned down. It’s kept millions of prom dates from ever actually happening. Year after year, people avoid healthcare appointments and workouts at the gym for the same reason. No one wants to step outside of their comfort zone in the hopes of improving themselves, only to be judged or rejected. And some businesses have started to take notice. 


The Judgment-Free business trend


Just a quick look around town, and you’ll see commercials for dentists and gyms advertising themselves as “Judgment-Free Zones.” What a relief it is to be able to focus on finally doing something to build yourself up without the risk of a sideways glance or snarky comment. 


Likewise, there should be the same consideration in the places you shop for a vehicle. We all know the credit application process that goes back through your entire life, finding every single mistake you have ever made. Then there’s the looks, whispers, and embarrassment of leaving the car lot empty-handed after you were turned down for a loan. 


While the Judgment-Free model for businesses is fairly new in the grand scheme of things, Cincinnati Auto Credit has been practicing it for over 30 years. We started our company because we know people aren’t just a credit score; everyone deserves a second chance. 


Bad things happen to everyone


Many of our customers have troubles in their past. Some have gotten involved with the wrong crowd and spent time in a correctional facility. Some have had a family member or significant other pulling them in the wrong direction or spending their money without their knowledge. Some have lost their jobs due to work-related injuries or severe cases of COVID. Every day, we talk to customers who have unpaid credit cards, utility and medical bills, or outstanding student loans that they think will eliminate them from even being considered for a car loan. But at Cincinnati Auto Credit, we look at these things from a different perspective. 


What makes us different


When you visit one of our lots, you’ll be able to sit down and discuss your situation with us. We listen to your specific situation and do everything we can to get you into a car today. People looking to straighten out their lives with a fresh start are our favorite customers. And any unpaid credit card, utility, medical or student loan bills don’t even get taken into consideration. Even people who have defaulted on a car loan with us before get a second chance!


So if you find yourself driving around in the same beat-up, unreliable car for fear that you’ll be judged and rejected on a car loan, we invite you to come down to Cincinnati Auto Credit and test out our Judgment-Free car buying experience. As we’ve been saying in our commercials for more than 30 years, “If you give us a chance, we’ll give you a chance!”