Three Things You’ll Need to Get a Car at Cincinnati Auto Credit

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Three Things You’ll Need to Get a Car at Cincinnati Auto Credit


At Cincinnati Auto Credit, we help our customers get the vehicles they need fast. Whether you have little or no credit, or whether you’re shopping for a car, truck, van or SUVs, we can help you find the financing and vehicle you need to get back on the road today.


Whether you’ve already browsed our inventory online and found your future vehicle, or if you need a test drive to make up your mind, don’t forget to bring these three things when you visit Cincinnati Auto Credit to drive off our lot in your new car today.


A Valid Driver’s License


Makes sense, right? But you’d be surprised how many of our customers leave their licenses at home. While we believe that you have a current and valid license, the law prohibits us from selling you a vehicle without physical proof. So don’t forget your license when you come to Cincinnati Auto Credit!


Recent Proof of Income


Proof of income is another required step to getting your new car today. However you get your income, there’s a number of documents that will work. These could include:


Pay Stubs

Pay Card statement

Recent Tax Return

Bank Statements

Letter from employer

Social Security Documents

Disability insurance

Pension statement

Court-ordered payments


Recent Proof of Residence


The final step is providing proof of where you live. Just like proving your income, there’s a number of ways you can provide proof of residence, regardless of your living situation. These could include:


Certified mail with your name

Utility bill

Wireless phone bill

Rental or Lease Agreement

Insurance Card

Voter Registration Card

College Enrollment Papers

With a wide variety of vehicles available, financing options and affordable down payments, we can help you get back on the road today.


Questions? Give us a call or email, or just stop by!

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