Tips for Choosing Your Car at Cincinnati Auto Credit

by Admin 04/16/2021

Not all car dealerships are created equal. Just ask anyone who’s ever gone car shopping before. It’s sad to say, but most dealerships resort to high pressure tactics. They want you to spend the most money possible as soon as possible. Forget about working with the customer to figure out what they need and how much they can afford, these dealers want to put that single mom with three kids in their most expensive SUV. They’ll rush her off on a test drive and have her thinking she’s found her next car before they ask if she can afford the payments. And even if she can afford them, how can she be sure the vehicle she’s about to buy won’t break down in a week or two? Most dealers unfortunately lock you into the paperwork, and if you ask to get a second opinion on the vehicle before you sign, they’ll tell you the price will go up unless you sign now.


We created Cincinnati Auto Credit for buyers with credit problems. Unlike most dealerships, we won’t try to rush you into buying a vehicle you can’t afford. Instead, we listen to our customers to understand their budget and then find the right vehicle and financing for them.


So, if you’re new to Cincinnati Auto Credit, here are some things you should know before shopping with us.


Bring your friends and family


Yes, we actually encourage you to bring that trusted car-handy friend or your cousin who works at the mechanic shop. Even though every vehicle on our lot is thoroughly inspected by our licensed mechanics and offered with a 12-month/ 15,000-mile warranty as standard, we want you to feel good about the car you buy from us. And if your friend or family member can’t come with you, we’ll let you take the car to them for that second opinion before you buy it.


More down = Greater selection


We want you to find the right car for you. And while we work with our customers to find them a vehicle, regardless of their credit history, if you are able to put money down on the car then you’ll have more options to choose from. But no matter how big of an upfront payment you can put down, you can always be certain that we’ll be honest and straightforward with you during our approval process. We will never waste your time trying to sell you a vehicle that you can’t afford.


Take your time


That’s right. Take a deep breath. Take some time to think about it. Take that second test drive to make sure this is the right vehicle for you. While we can get you approved and out the door with a new car in under two hours if you wish, you will find zero high-pressure sales tactics at Cincinnati Auto Credit. We don’t meet our sales goals by rushing you into our most expensive car on the lot. We want you to be happy with the car you buy from us because we want you to come back in the future when it’s time for your next car, and we want you to recommend us to your family and friends too.


At Cincinnati Auto Credit, we’ve created a different type of car-buying experience from the one you’ll find at most other dealerships. We invite you to contact us today, or just drop in, and give us a chance to make you our next happy customer.

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